Wonderful experience, very strong. We took 3g each and it only took 5 to10 minutes until we felt it. We set intentions and created our home with warm lights and lots of coziness. At times I was tired and only wanted to curl up and go internal, then I got spurts of energy, wanted to walk (or roll :D) around and do Yoga. The colors, sound and vivid images were beyond fascinating, and I can say that for 3-4 hours I was in a constant state of bliss. I think the Penis Envy is perfect to dive deep – although mostly just fascinated by the experience itself, I did get some good lessons. I also had very strong flashbacks to my Ayahuasca experience 8 years ago and felt it had a lot of similarities.
Really strongly recommend treating it as plant medicine too and know that there is more you can get out of this experience than just a nice trip! See how you feel after the journey and trip to take some of the lessons back into your daily life.
Highly recommend this one! Choose your favorite person and spot and allow the Penis Envy to show you everything it has to offer πŸ™‚ Last note: Prepare for a sometimes-difficult transition when coming down – maybe it’s just personal but definitely needed to take my time.

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