fast arrival

Tidal wave Mushroom arrived quickly, with good quality and taste. Will buy again.

jordan vincent

Great product in this category

I have looked far and wide for a great product in this category. I am so happy that you provide what store fronts can’t. Excellent product as pictured, fresh and full container. Sealed with a plastic cap in the top and the lid prevents spill and mess or quality degradation. The quantity and selection offerings here are amazing. More than five stars! Thank you!

Loyd Washington

10/10 so fun

10/10 so fun, small but definitely more than I expected! These little guys had me laughing my ass off. Also only .7 needed for a nice high!

Kirstin Everton

Tastes good!

I love this mushroom mix, I use it in my morning coffee.


Yes 🙌

I love this product !
I add it to my smoothie everyday because wild mushrooms are so good for me but expensive and hard to find in supermarkets
Love the customer service, prices, convenience of your products

Julia K.

Great Purchase

This is so delicious at bed time, I sleep so well when I drink it before bed again so delicious.

Arayea C.


Love the visionaries! This product definitely lives up to its name. They are a great cognitive tool. Not only does this help alleviate my depression and anxiety, they boost creativity.



Wonderful experience, very strong. We took 3g each and it only took 5 to10 minutes until we felt it. We set intentions and created our home with warm lights and lots of coziness. At times I was tired and only wanted to curl up and go internal, then I got spurts of energy, wanted to walk (or roll :D) around and do Yoga. The colors, sound and vivid images were beyond fascinating, and I can say that for 3-4 hours I was in a constant state of bliss. I think the Penis Envy is perfect to dive deep – although mostly just fascinated by the experience itself, I did get some good lessons. I also had very strong flashbacks to my Ayahuasca experience 8 years ago and felt it had a lot of similarities.
Really strongly recommend treating it as plant medicine too and know that there is more you can get out of this experience than just a nice trip! See how you feel after the journey and trip to take some of the lessons back into your daily life.
Highly recommend this one! Choose your favorite person and spot and allow the Penis Envy to show you everything it has to offer 🙂 Last note: Prepare for a sometimes-difficult transition when coming down – maybe it’s just personal but definitely needed to take my time.



Service from Three Amigos has been amazing, and delivery was insanely fast. On top of that, I love the product for microdosing. Feels amazing and will definitely be ordering more.

Customer from Pilot Butte

Recommend trying this.

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff who will talk you through everything, providing guidance and advice. Follow it to the letter and you’ll avoid any surprises.
Depending on what you choose, you should expect to pay between €15 and €25 for around 10g (at the time of writing) and I fully encourage you to buy some dark chocolate too. The higher percentage chocolate has less of an effect on your experience but does make the truffles more palatable.
We chose to walk in the park before visiting an art gallery and we are all agreed it was among the best experiences of our lives. Highly recommended.